Taste Northern Ireland Garden Party, Botanic Gardens

I was recently asked to come along to the Taste Northern Ireland Garden Party at Botanic Gardens in Belfast recently to photograph the Moy Park stand, its staff and some members of the public for Moy Park to use as promotional images. I arrived on the Friday evening when it was closed to the public, the Friday was for businesses and press only.


the Moy-P chicken



I managed to get some good shots of the Moy Park team and the stand they had created on the Friday, but the lack of public meant that there was as many photo opportunities as I’d hoped for. Returning again on the Saturday around lunch time the place was packed. The team on the Moy Park stand were constantly cooking off boxes and boxes of chicken goujons which seemed to attract a crowd of people who devoured the chicken within minutes. I wanted to get some casual candid style photography here and while I got some shots I was pleased with it wasn’t completely easy. The public did literally crowd around the stand when the girls brought the chicken out of the oven meaning I had to be the crowd to get any chance of capturing the action. The sheer volume of people meant it was hard to get the clean simple backgrounds I’d hoped for, I had to shoot everything fairly wide open with a large aperture to try to blur the backgrounds as much as possible. Overall the weekend went well, the show was very busy and I ended up with around 60 shots to give to the client.


kids loved the chicken





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