Transplant Games Belfast 2011

A few weeks ago I got a call from Nicola at 1Vision Pr in Lisburn asking if I would be interested in photographing a few people for a press release the Transplant Games UK wanted to put out detailing how the games would be coming to Belfast in august 2011. Of course I was interested so I met up one Wednesday morning outside Belfast City hall as they wanted something that was an obvious Belfast landmark in the background.

I set off early and was the first to arrive – despite what others may say I really don’t like being late – and after waiting ten minutes I saw Brian MaGee heading into the city hall. I was outside at this point, having arrived early I decided to get the camera out and take a few photos to get an idea for the composition of the photo and the lighting. I headed inside and met with Brian, and several people from Transplant Games UK, shortly after Stephen Watson from the BBC arrived along with Nicola from 1Vision PR.

After a quick chat it was outside to set everything up and get started. I like to get started on these kind of jobs asap so I can see what I’m getting in the camera because with people in the shot you don’t want to be stood around fiddling with the camera and changing settings while they’re stood waiting. Luckily the weather which had been threatening to rain all morning was beginning to break and a little bit of sun was beginning to poke out. This meant I could use the sun as a nice sidelight with a large white lastolite reflector for a bit of fill on the other side and a little flash for a catchlight in the subjects eyes.

Brian MaGee, Stephen Watson, Belfast City Hall

The idea for the photos was that they needed something interesting enough that it could be used in local press and a photo showing how people can sign up to be a donor in several different ways (photo below). All in all the photoshoot went well, Nicola from 1 Vision PR was a big help in getting everyone arranged and in place as well as being a useful reflector holder, thanks for that! Thanks as well to the models who were very cooperative and did a great job.

Brian MaGee, Stephen Watson, Belfast City Hall.



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