Sort Design, Belfast

This was a little job from Sort Design in Belfast. They are a graphic design company and are regularly creating new leaflets, logos, businesses cards for clients. They needed photos of their recent work for their website and promotional use.

I called round to pick up everything they needed photographed. There were a couple of dozen leaflets, boxes, business cards, books and mini magazines they had created. The brief for this was to photograph everything on grey. The other photos they had on their website were photographed on grey so the new ones had to match the old ones. The other thing they asked was that I took some straight on overhead shots and then some at more interesting angles to cover all possibilities.

I set up some grey card as a background and two Bowens flash heads and got to work. I enjoyed this job, you wouldn’t often think of using business cards as a subject for an interesting photo, but I think I got some good photos for this job. It was fun arranging the leaflets and books and picking out little details to photograph. Several of the leaflets and boxes had special finishes or embossing on them and the photos needed to show this, so I had to pay attention to the lighting to make sure these little details were visible.






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