I’m planning on showing a mixture photography on this blog, some will be my professional work and some personal photography. I often find myself taking personal photos that end up sitting on the computers hard-drive doing nothing.  There is often no physical output with digital photography and even if I were to make prints from personal work there is only so much wall space in the house to display the prints! I’ve been selling landscape prints in several galleries in Northern Ireland but I often have photos that I want to display even if they might not be something you’d put on the wall. I’m hoping to use the blog as an output for some of my personal work. Hopefully I can make updating the blog with this personal work a more regular occurrence.

These photos are a good example I think of an area of photography I have a keen interest in, food photography.

Last year my sister Joanna decided to selling cupcakes at local events as there seemed to be a lack of similar businesses doing this. She contacted Ards Council and arranged for a Food Hygiene inspector to certify that the cupcakes were safe to sell to the public. She passed the inspection and I can confirm that the cupcakes taste as good as they look! I had seen the cupcakes on several occasions but usually just before they were about to be taken away and sold. I asked Joanna to let me know the next time she was making some and I’d call over and photograph them. After finding some colourful material to use as a background that seemed to suit the cupcakes I took some close up macro shots. I’m pleased with how these shots came out, they’re bright, colourful and fun. Plus I can use them in my portfolio as part of my food collection.


6 thoughts on “Cupcakes

  1. I’d recognize that “colorful material” anywhere, IKEA right? It’s on my bedspread too, haha.

    And of course great shot. Maybe these photos would have a physical outlet – as some sort of publicity for her business!

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