Bespoke Belfast the Merchant Hotel, Belfast

This was another little job for Bespoke Belfast. This time we were at the Merchant Hotel in Belfast. The brief for these photos was to get a couple of photos of the first Bespoke Belfast clients arriving at the Merchant Hotel in a big Rolls Royce and then a photo of them sitting down inside enjoying a champagne reception with some Bespoke Belfast branding in the shot.

I met up with Melita Williams, the owner of Bespoke Belfast around lunchtime on a Sunday at the Merchant. We had a quick look around at various locations in the building where we could set up a table with cupcakes, champagne and balloons and started setting everything up in preparation for the arrival of the guests. After arriving at the Merchant Hotel I was a bit dissappointed to find that guests don’t arrive at the rather grand front entrance with it’s large columns but instead down the street to the side. The side entrance isn’t necessarily bad but it just looks a bit plain compared the front of the Merchant. However the photo had to be accurate and the car was going to be arriving at the side entrance. I set up a couple of flash heads outside and we waited around for the Rolls Royce to arrive. It finally turned up but not until after an ambulance came down the street and parked outside the hotel blocking the parking spot our car was going into. There wasn’t much we could, so we waited a bit longer and the ambulance picked up someone and left. The Rolls Royce pulled in and I took photos as the two guests got out of the car. I then asked them to get back in and get out again just to get a bit of variation, the final photo is below. After that we went back inside and after taking a few dozen photos of the two guests talking and enjoying their champagne we got the shot we needed (photo at top).


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