Lizzie Kennedy Belfast Telegraph

These images are from a recent job with Lizzie Kennedy from Lizzie’s Kitchen. She rang me looking for some images to be used in a Belfast Telegraph supplement article on her and her business Lizzie’s Kitchen. The paper wanted images of the recipes it was going to feature but Lizzie didn’t have any good images of the dishes so we spent a day photographing the food below.

The plan was to photograph 5 dishes for use in the feature. The Treacle wheaten bread above is the first thing we photographed that day. Some of food like the bread was prepared in advance and wouldn’t change appearance if it was sitting around for a long time like some foods can. Anything with glaze, fresh leaves, sauces e.t.c can all change appearance as they sit around. A piece of meat marinated with a glaze will start to lose it’s glossy fresh look as soon as it comes out of the oven. There are ways to get around these problems but the easiest way I find is to talk to the chef/cook and find out exactly what the dishes are and how they are to be photographed. So after a bit of a chat with Lizzie about the dishes we had to photograph we came up with an order to photograph them in. Most of the five dishes were fairly stable and it would be fine to spend as long as we need working on them. We had one dish, the chicken with wild mushrooms in marsala sauce that would need to be photographed quickly to stop the sauce congealing and looking sticky. For dishes like this it’s always a good idea to have the props such as plates, dishes, knives, forks, cloths ready to go. Sometimes these things would already be in place with a dummy dish set into the shot just to give an idea of how it looks and then at the last moment the actual cooked food would be plated and set into the photo. The final shot of the chicken and wild mushroom sauce is below.

The next dish (below) is the roast butternut squash and parsnip soup. This was another dish that was already prepared, the only thing we had to do with this was to get the shot setup, heat the soup slightly to thin it out a little and add the cream at the last minute.

The next dish was the Apple and Blackcurrant crumble with tasted amazing as I had some after we’d finished photographing it! This was made with flour, porridge oats and pecans as the topping which gave it a great crunchy topping. Crumble is one of my favourite desserts so I knew I’d like this one!

The last dish of the day (below) was the Cashel blue and caramelised and onion tart. This was a pastry base with a section in the middle removed and filled with tomatoes, onion, basil, garlic and cashel blue cheese. We decided to photograph the entirety of this dish and use some props (plates, tomatoes, oil, herbs) in the background to add some detail.

I’ve included an image below of how the shots were eventually used in the Belfast Telegraph. Obviously they have limited space on a double page feature so the images have been cropped a bit.

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