Bryan Somers Travel

These images were shot at Bryan Somers Travel in Saintfield a few weeks ago. The business had a new front fitted including new signs and they needed shots of the front with and without the directors. They also needed headshots of all the staff and various other bits and pieces. The image main image above and below was shot on a very cold January morning at around 10am. It was a fairly bright but slightly overcast morning so I used an SB800 speedlight on a small stand with a portable softbox just to light up the faces and the eyes a bit. In future I’ll try to remember to get some setup shots to help illustrate and to make it easier for those who don’t know what speedlights and softboxes are!

The next image (below) was a quick shot of Jonathan, one of the directors, working, or pretending to be working at his desk. There wasn’t a lot of space in the office so I used just one light/softbox and a reflector as well as some ambient light for this shot. The brochures in the foreground helped to break up the desk.

The image above of Jonathan and Gary was a little more difficult to get. Originally the idea was to have Jonathan (on the right) putting in the office but due to space constraints it was hard to this without getting lot of the office in the shot, it also meant I couldn’t use a long lens as I wanted to. In the end after trying a few different setups we decided to photograph Jonathan and Gary together with them both hold clubs. I used a 50mm lens for this shot and had it set to f/2.5 to try to blur the background a little, but it was always going to be hard as it was so close. For the lighting I had a speedlight with a softbox in front of the men and off to one side and another speedlight in an umbrella behind and off to the side a little.

The headshots in the gallery below where all shot upstairs in the small office space. There was a Bryan Somers Travel popup stand we were able to use as a background and I used the 80-200mm lens to just a nice tight head and shoulders shot of each staff member. Afterwards we did one more shot outside (below) with Gary and Jonathan again. This time they wanted to get the new sign in the background. For this shot I used a wide angle lens from a lower viewpoint to try to the sign just above their heads. As with the other outdoor shot I used a single speedlight in a softbox for lighting mixed with the ambient light.

You can click on the images below to view them as a gallery.

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