New Business Cards

I decided to do some re-branding of Michael Burch Photography. I’d had the previous designs for the website, business cards and typeface for a while and felt like everything needed a bit of a refresh. The main thing I wanted to change however was the business cards as the previous ones just felt a bit cheap (they were) as well as looking a bit dated. I was never completely happy with the colour of green on the old business cards either. It was more vibrant than I’d wanted really but after receiving a box full of them I used them anyway. I was coming to the end of the old ones so now seemed like a good time to update them. I did think about going for completely black and white business cards, something very simple and graphic but after coming up with several designs they still didn’t seem right. My previous cards and all the stationary were a combination of grey and green. In the end I decided that it was good to have a bit of colour with the green in the cards.

I decided to go with a very simple fine striped pattern on the cards with one side having only a small circular logo and the other side being the details side. I played around with square logos but something about the squares just seemed too formal and rigid, I much preferred the circle logos I’d created. All the text on the detail side sits out from the striped pattern on a very slim white box.

I had the cards printed locally by Print Project. They are based in Dundonald and after talking to them about what I wanted they showed me some samples which were much better than what I had at the time. I ordered 500 cards to try them out at the very reasonable cost of £30.

The cards turned out really well. I was worried the printing might not have been fine enough for the small striped pattern but I’m very impressed at how the little details have come out, plus the green colour is now the green I originally wanted.


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