Willowbrook Factory Opening

I was asked recently to take some photos for Willowbrook Foods based in Killinchy. They have spent a lot of time and money over the last few years rebuilding the site in Killinchy with a new purpose built factory. Various media and food industry VIP’s had been invited to come down for the morning to see the opening with Peter Robinson unveiling the plaque.

After speeches by Willowbrook MD John McCann and other Willowbrook staff, Peter Robinson gave a quick speech before heading off to be given a tour of the new factory. I followed the tour around the factory as Willowbrook wanted some posed photographs at particular points. I also took some more candid photos along the way as they were discussing the new factory.

Finally we did a shot at the end of the tour outside with the Willowbrook logo with Peter Robinson and John McCann for use in the media. (click on the photo below if it appears soft, not sure why this is!)

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