Moorfield Flowers

I recently had an interesting job photographing flowers. Peony roses to be exact. I met Lesley from Moorfield Flowers ( at Balmoral show earlier in the year were she mentioned that she needed some new imagery for the website and possibly print usage. The plan was to photograph the peony roses once they had bloomed in the field and also to get some staged shots of flower arrangements to show how the flowers looked and the various colours the roses came in.

The first problem we had was the weather. A lot of the images were going to be outside and there would be several close ups of the flowers which meant I need a fairly wind free day. We also wanted the flowers to look dry. Dry, windless days are rare in Northern Ireland as you’re probably aware so it did take a few weeks of arranging, then cancelling and rearranging dates before we finally just picked a day and hoped it would be dry enough. Luckily it was and we were able to get some great shots of the flower arrangements.

We took the first few images indoors as there were a couple of nice props we could use and a very textured white wall which made a great backdrop. After wards we headed outside and took a few more flower arrangements sitting on a bench and on some steps. All of these shots were shot using daylight only. We got a lovely bright but overcast day which was perfect for this kind of thing as sunlight often looks very harsh on flowers and creates too much contrast.

The next set of shots we had to take were of the actual flower heads themselves. Lesley wanted a very close image of each of the colours looking straight down on them and we decided it would be best to do this in the field with the soil and leaves as the background. We spent a while looking around for a perfect example of each flower and then Lesley would do her best to hold the flower still while I took several shots using a macro lens to get close enough. It wasn’t quite as windless as I’d have liked but we managed to get what we needed.

The final image Lesley wanted was one of her daughter picking flowers from the crops in the field. For this shot I used a small flashgun attached to an umbrella to add a bit of life and warmth to the image. Lesley was very pleased, as was I, with the final images I sent off to her and it was great to get something very different to photograph.

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