Northern Ireland Tourist Board Food Tourism Booklet

This year at the Balmoral show I was photographing the food pavilion for NI Good Food (Taste of Ulster) and spent three days taking photos of the exhibitors, the public and the two cookery demonstration kitchens and all the chefs who took part in cooking. I came back with thousands of images and spent a long time going through these and selecting the best ones before passing them on to NI Good Food. The images, as usual with this kind of work were to be used for a variety of different purposes but I was very pleased to receive an email recently with an email attachment from the Northern Ireland Tourist Board with a new booklet they had on food tourism.

This is the cover, the image isn’t mine but I thought it made sense to see what the booklet cover would look like. There is a fold down the middle of this image so the left side would be the rear cover and the right hand side the front cover. The next page inside the front cover has one of my images from one of the cookery demonstrations at Balmoral earlier this year.

Of the 16 images used the in the booklet over half of them are mine and they’re all from this years Balmoral show. It’s great to see the images being used in such a high quality publication that so many people will see. Below are the rest of my images that were used in the booklet. (Clicking on the images will bring up a larger version.)


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