Dublin City University

These images were from a morning spent down at Dublin City University (DCU). My brief was to photograph the more modern buildings at the University site to be used as PR material for a new proposed science and research building that is currently an overflow car park.


Unfortunately for me there was a definite rush on the images which meant that we couldn’t wait for perfect weather. Ideally I would have liked to photograph the site either at sunrise or sunset on a clear day, this being Ireland however meant that it was overcast with a continuous threat of rain at any time!

Large parts of the University have obviously been rebuilt in recent years and there were some very interesting buildings to photograph. As the light and sky weren’t ideal I’d have to try to make each of them look as interesting as possible by adding plants and trees into the shots or people walking by.


I started by the entrance and worked my way around the buildings of campus. After I’d shot the photos of the exteriors I headed inside to do some shots of students walking around. I found a great suspended walkway in the medical building by the entrance and was able to photograph a couple of girls walking around the corner.

The technical details for anyone interested; All of the images were taken with natural light, I used a graduated filter for the most of the images with sky to try to keep some detail in there. They were also shot using a variety of lenses from wide (16mm) to long (200mm).










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