Waddesdon Hall Wedding, Melissa & Chris.

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Some of you may have already seen a lot of these photos already on Facebook but I thought I might as well add them here to the website too.

This was a wedding I covered recently, unofficially as a guest. Melissa and Chris are close friends with my girlfriend and were having a wedding in England near Oxford in a place called Waddesdon Hall. We were travelling over for the weekend as guests along with a small crowds from Northern Ireland, the rest of the UK and New Zealand.


There was no official hired photographer as such but seeing as it’s what I do I couldn’t resist offering to bring all the gear in a new giant backpack and taking as many photos as I could to cover most of the day. Melissa’s mum who travelled over from New Zealand helped out massively too by getting lots of important group photos while I ran around getting as many candid images as I could.

The wedding was held in a beautiful English village called Waddesdon which isn’t too far from Oxford. The ceremony itself was held in Waddesdon Hall. After the ceremony was over we took some more photos outside of various groups and a couple of all the guests before everyone headed back into the hall and out of the cold. Inside I took dozens more photos of guests and friends talking in-between drinking the lovely local beers we’d bought earlier at the Chiltern Brewery. By the time food was ready it was time to put the camera away otherwise I’d be taking photos all night.

It was a brilliant day, lots of fun, lots of drinks and lots of great photos. Thanks for Melissa and Chris for inviting us over!

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