Cameron Landscape & Garden Centre

These were a few photos I completed recently for Cameron Landscape & Garden Centre based in south Belfast. The garden centre has had a lot of refurbisment work lately and looks fantastic. It also has a great cafe & deli which was where I was taking photos.


The garden centre has had a lot of investment in the past couple of years including the new cafe and deli section. They needed some new promotional images for use on the website to show off the food they are now serving. The brief was to try to photograph half a dozen dishes in a short space of time inside the cafe.


The cafe was busy at the time although we were able to use an area off to the side of the room to do the shots. The overhead lights couldn’t be turned off either so I had to work around this problem. I used two Nikon speedlights to light these, I didn’t have time or space to set up big softboxes so it’d had to be kept simple so I could work quickly. All the images apart from one were shot on a Nikon D4 with an old manual focus 105mm F/4 lens. This is a great lens for this kind of work as the manual focus is incredibly precise and the slightly longer focal length allows the camera to be a little further away from the food so as not to block the two lights.


Check out a couple more images below and be sure to have a look at the Cameron Landscapes website.



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