Barnardo’s Knit and Knatter

These photos were from a recent job for Barnardo’s NI at Ballyhackamore library in Belfast. Barnardo’s NI are appealing for enthusiatic knitters to create jumpers for their Barney bears pictured below. The bears and jumpers created for them by the knitters are to raffled later in the year to raise money for Barnardo’s work in Northern Ireland.

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My job was to get some images for use in the local press to help raise awareness for the cause and to get some images of the bears for Barnardo’s to use throughout the year for PR purposes. The job was a little different, I’m usually photographing people so it was fun to photograph teddy bears this time. The main photo however was to include Karen Kerr from Barnardo’s so I set up a couple of portable Nikon speedlights with umbrellas in the library. The shot was taken on a wide angle lens (Nikon 16-35mm) to emphasise the bears but also include the background. We needed to clearly see certain things in the photo, the bears, the Barnardo’s branding, the jumpers and it had to be obvious the photo was taken in a library. The final shot everyone was happy with is below.

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After the main shot above was finished we took a couple of extra shots of the bears themselves sitting on piles of books, it wasn’t easy getting the bears to sit up and look at the camera! I took this with a longer 70-200mm lens to blur the background a little more.

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Lastly we took a shot of four members of the local Ballyhackamore knitting group above. These photos were all taken a few weeks ago in January but would eventually end up in the local press. I have to admit I often read the news online so I usually miss my work appearing in the local papers, not to mention it can often be weeks before the press release is issued so the photos can take a while to appear. I did managed to find out when the main image about was going to appear in the Belfast Newletter yesterday (20th Feb 2014) on the back of the first page. The group image also appeared in the Belfast Telegraph on the same day. Always nice to see where the images end up!

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For more details check out this link:

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