Audiences NI

This was a fairly recent job for Audiences NI at UTV studios Belfast. Audiences NI are a charity that focus on audience development across Northern Ireland. Rather than me trying to explain what they do, below is an excerpt from their website.

“We support the Arts and Cultural Sector and Creative Industries to understand, diversify, and increase reach to audiences. We listen to audiences, championing their voice and helping to inform our partners’ strategic development.

Through consultancy, training and bespoke collaborative projects, Audiences NI ensures our partners are better equipped to optimise their public benefit and sustainability.”



Audiences NI recently held a press and media training day called ‘Impact’ held at UTV studios on Ormeau road. It was held over two days and my job was to get a range of shots that could be used for PR purposes and to have a record of the event in pictures. On the first day in the studio there would be a talk panel and various presentations by key speakers. The second day would involve training sessions for those involved. Below are a few images from the panel during the discussions.



The event was talked about on twitter by the audience and there was a live update screen at the front of the room showing the current tweets about the event. From a technical point of view the room the event was held in is a working TV studio so it’s generally quite dark with very bright lights for the stage area. This worked well for the photos. I was still using a high ISO on the camera but between the 28-70mm lens and 70-200mm F2.8 lens I was able to get shots of the speakers, the audience and the room mainly using the lighting set up above on the roof.



The following day was a series of training sessions held in a training centre on also on Ormeau road. There were classroom style sessions followed by one on one media training for those taking part. Unlike the previous day were there was a lot of activity and the speakers were using microphones this was a much quieter room to work in. I did my best to be as unobtrusive as I could, so worked from as far back as I could as I wanted to get natural shots of those taking part in the room with making anyone uncomfortable pointing a huge camera at them.



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