Belfast Jam

Back in April I attended a new networking event held in Belfast called ‘Belfast Jam’. Organised in part by one of my close friends, fellow photographer Neil Harrison and several other local business owners it was set up to provide a free relaxed networking event in Belfast for anyone to attend. I signed up and went along as a guest and had a great time. A free drink on arrival was a nice touch and it was genuinely relaxed. I got chatting away to a few people and swapped business cards along the way. Fast forward a couple of months and I heard the next ‘Belfast Jam’ was being organised. Neil asked if I could take photos of the event to leave him time to run the show as it were and I was more than happy to help out.


The second event was held last night in the Sunflower Bar in Belfast up on the second floor. Having only ever been on the ground floor in the Sunflower the second floor is a great little space, perfect for an event like this. I won’t go into loads of detail about how I took the photos, lenses etc, but I will say it was a great success. There was a good crowd, plenty of chat and it was well organised. Oh and I got paid in beers so I can’t complain. Check out the Belfast Jam website here and have a look at the photos from the night below.

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