Anne & Stephen

I had a great time recently photographing this small intimate wedding in Belfast. Anne and Stephen got married in Belfast City hall on a Thursday afternoon. Afterwards they walked through Belfast, to James Street South for dinner. Thankfully it was one of the few mild sunny days we get in Northern Ireland and I got some lovely photos of the couple walking through the daytime crowds in town. I got some photos of the guests around the table and having drinks in the restaurant and then that was me finished. It was quite a short wedding from my point of view, but it was a small group and it was quite nice to see the ceremony, get some photos and then leave the married couple and guests to enjoy the rest of the evening.





Recently the Irish Times sunday magazine featured one of the photos from the wedding and an article about it in the Irish Times magazine. I’ve added a photo below of the article along with a link to the online copy of the article on the Irish Times website. It was great to see the wedding featured in the magazine!


I’ve added some more photos of the wedding to the gallery below, enjoy!

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