Kellie & Conor, Cathedral Quarter

Just a quick post this time. Kellie contacted me asking if I could come and photograph her and her husband Conor, along with their guests at Belfast city hall before heading round to the Cathedral quarter in Belfast. Kellie and Conor got married while away on holidays in the U.S. but wanted to have a celebration for family and friends when they got back home to Northern Ireland.

Kellie & Conor
Kellie & Conor

This wasn’t the usual wedding for me. Rather than spending the whole day with the couple, this was over in just over an hour. The main aim was really to get some family group photos at Belfast City hall and then some more fun photos of the couple in around Cathedral quarter. After photographing the extended family we jumped into the car and I drove round to Gordon street, just round the corner from the Duke of York. This was an obvious choice for the photos, as the cobbled alley the Duke of York is on just looks so good.

Kellie & Conor
Kellie & Conor

Kellie and Conor got lots of attention from people in the Harp bar and the Duke of York. It was a busy and importantly dry Saturday so there were plenty of people out and about wonder who this couple were walking about looking like they’d just got married. We managed to get a few photos and then nipped into the tiny car park/beer garden just off Commercial court for a couple more photos before we all jumped into my car and I dropped the couple back round to the rest of their guests waiting for them. Thanks to Kellie and Conor for getting in touch and being such a fun couple to photograph.


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