Aoifé & Charlie

Aoifé and Charlie got married recently in Kilfenora, Co.Clare, Ireland in Vaughan’s Pub. This was a wedding I’d been looking forward to for a while as it was set to be a very interesting wedding to photography. With an Irish bride and a French groom and approximately 200+ guests – a lot of whom were musicians including the bride and groom – all heading to Vaughan’s pub (which isn’t that big) down in Co.Clare on the West coast of Ireland for a festival style wedding.

As I was travelling down from Belfast I made it a weekend visit as County Clare is stunning and it’s quite a trek from home. The plan was to meet up with Charlie and some of his friends/family at La Hinch beach on the morning of the wedding for a quick swim. It was a mild day but I can’t imagine the water was anywhere near warm! After I’d head round to meet Aoifé at her parents house and get some photos of the girls getting ready then Charlie was going to call over and we would go out and get some photos of the couple before the main part of the day.

Luckily we got a great day for it with no rain, we even got some sun! The wedding was to take place at Vaughan’s pub in Kilfenora. Vaughan’s for those who don’t know is a pub in a small village that also happened to feature in Father Ted the TV show. The pub has a main bar as well as a yard out the front, renovated barn to the side and a large garden to the rear. It’s a fantastic location for a wedding and the 3rd wedding I have had the pleasure of photographing there now.

The ceremony itself was to take place out the back on the large garden, with so many guests in attendance it made sense to have an outdoor wedding. The bride arrived in the town and was led into the garden by a couple of musician guests. This was just the start of the music as it didn’t stop all afternoon and evening. There were constantly groups of musicians playing in different corners of the bar, in a caravan to the front, in the barn or just outside the front of the bar. It made for a super eventful wedding to photograph as there was always something going on! Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking through the photos as much as I enjoying being there and taking them!




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