Fusion Lisburn

Just to explain what Fusion Lisburn is I got this quote from the Fusion Lisburn website: “Fusion is a Youth Project working with teens and young adults, providing safe, alcohol free venues and programmes. Fusion is based at Lisburn Cathedral, in the heart of the city.”

This job started with a phone call from Nicola at 1VisionPR asking if I could photograph some guests at Brownlow House in Lurgan one Friday night. I was free and agreed to go down and get a few group photos and a photo for press usage. This was a formal black tie event with local business people and community leaders and was designed as a get together for ‘Friends of Fusion’.

As usual I didn’t have long to get the photos as they all had to be taken between the guests arriving and the start of dinner. The first photo of the evening was the press photo to be used in the local newspapers and the Ulster Star in Lisburn. Brownlow House has a great entrance with two very tall ornate black wooden doors which open into a large set of red stairs up into the building. Nicola and I decided it would be a good spot to do the press photo as we could use the red stairs as a background and have just the edges of the doors appearing in the photo. The hallway was lit with a couple of big chandeliers hanging from the roof but I knew straight away these wouldn’t be bright enough or give nice light for photographing people. There were no power points on the walls of the entrance and I couldn’t run cables down the stairs either which meant the studio lights I’d brought with me couldn’t be used for this photo. Even if I could run an extension out a window to power the lights they were too big to be hidden behind the large doors, which was the only place the lights could be anyway. In the end I managed to stick a small light stand and a Nikon speedlight (flashgun) with an umbrella behind the door and linked a radio trigger to it so it could be completely hidden behind the door. A few test shots later and I was able to put the guests into position and take the photo which turned out well I think, the doors at the edge help to add a bit of interest and frame the shot. This is the result (hover mouse for names + click the image for a larger version).

The other images from that evening were a little easier to put together. These were about a dozen groups of people that needed to be photographed. Nicola had a list of which guests were in which groups and due to the lack of time we were just using the same background – a large fireplace and mirror – for each shot. For these I could just set up a couple of the bigger lights without worrying about power points. Photo below (hover mouse for names + click the image for a larger version).

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