Scatterpin jewellery

This was a job from earlier in the year at the end of spring 2014. It was a really interesting project to be involved with so I thought it was about time I wrote about it and put up a few images. Scatterpin in the name of a new family run jewellery company based in Bangor. I was asked to help out with lifestyle images for use on the website and promo materials.



The photography was split over a couple of very busy full weekends of photography and video. I was taking a mixture of more formal studio style images with black backgrounds and some more casual ‘lifestyle’ images of the models around the beach house we were in and on the second weekend in The Mac in Belfast. Ross from Ross McConaghy is a bit of video genius and spent the weekend recording video of everything including some behind the scenes stuff to put together and made some great promo videos for the Scatterpin website.


I set up a small studio in the cinema room of the house we were all working in. Luckily the cinema room was a nice size and had dark grey walls making it little easier to control the light bouncing around. Generally we photographed a range from the jewellery collection in the studio and then heading around the house or outside onto the beach to do some lifestyle shots with the same jewellery before moving onto the next range.


For those interesting in the technical side of things most the studio shots were taken on a Nikon D4 with a 70-200mm lens. I had four Bowens studio head with me but only needed three in the end. The main light was a 500w head with a beauty dish and I had a couple of lights in the background with snoots just giving a bit of rim light to separate the models from the black background.


For the outdoor and some of the indoor lifestyle shots I used a mix of lenses although I used a 50mm F1.4 a lot for these shots as it allowed me to get close but really separate the background. For the indoor lifestyle shots I used a couple of Nikon speedlights when needed along with some popup hand held reflectors. Between the indoor and outdoor photography I think I probably used every lens and piece of kit I brought with me! This was a great job to work on, great fun, really relaxed and creative. I think the new website for Scatterpin looks fantastic, some great photography and video on there ;). Anyway check out the Scatterpin website for some more photos/videos and check out the jewllery. Have a look at a small selection of the nearly 3000 images taken for this project below….

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